Question: Is Iran Rich?

Is Iran a poor city?

It is difficult to know how many people in Iran are living in poverty.

As of January 2016, the World Bank has not listed this information.

The CIA World Factbook last estimated in 2007 that 18.7 percent of Iran’s population lived below the poverty line; however, that information is nine years old..

Is Iran safe?

Iran is generally a very safe place to travel, so much so that many travellers describe it as the ‘safest country I’ve ever been to’, or ‘much safer than travelling in Europe’.

How much does it cost to live in Iran?

Cost of living in Iran chartAccommodationOne-bedroom apartment in the city centreIRR 23,700,000Internet (uncapped ADSL or cable – average per month)IRR 760,000Basic utilities per month for a small apartmentIRR 1,235,000Transportation21 more rows

Is Iran a high income country?

Lower middle income – 51 Countries. Upper middle income – 53 Countries. High income: nonOECD – 48 Countries. High income: OECD – 32 Countries….Country Income Groups (World Bank Classification)AfghanistanLow incomeIran, Islamic Rep.Upper middle incomeIraqUpper middle incomeIrelandHigh income: OECDIsle of ManHigh income: nonOECD210 more rows

How much does a house cost in Tehran?

Just over the past Iranian month (August 21-September 21) the rise in residential unit prices was 9.4 percent. According to the CBI, the value of one square meter of an average unit in Tehran is currently around 84,000,000 rials. That is almost $2,000 per sq. meter ($190/sq.

What is the poverty rate in Iran?

Iran poverty rate for 2017 was 10.90%, a 0.7% decline from 2016. Iran poverty rate for 2016 was 11.60%, a 0.6% increase from 2015. Iran poverty rate for 2015 was 11.00%, a 0.5% increase from 2014.

What currency is used in Iran?

Iranian rialIran/Currencies

What is the average salary in Iran?

Iranian employees earn an average gross salary of $7.18 an hour, $1,245 a month, and $14,927 a year. The highest salaries are found in the city of Tehran at an average of $1,812/month or $21,743 a year.

Can you drink in Iran?

Alcohol in Iran is illegal for tourists just as it is for anyone else. And it is not sold or served in cafes, restaurants, and hotels or anywhere else around the country.

Is Iran a good place to live?

Living in Iran is just like living in any other country. … One of them is that if you want to have any chances in the Iranian market, you really are forced to live in Tehran. And Tehran is not really a pleasant place to live in. The pollution and the heavy traffic are one thing.

What is America net worth?

The financial position of the United States includes assets of at least $269.6 trillion (1576% of GDP) and debts of $145.8 trillion (852% of GDP) to produce a net worth of at least $123.8 trillion (723% of GDP) as of Q1 2014.

Who is the richest person in Iran?

Asadollah AsgaroladiNationalityIranianOccupationBusinessmanKnown forBeing wealthiest Iranian inside IranPolitical partyIslamic Coalition Party5 more rows

What is the best job in Iran?

So, below are the most paid jobs in Iran and surgeons stand at top of the list.Plastic surgeons. It’s all about the nose! … Cardiac surgeons. Cardiac surgeons also are among the top paid people in Iran. … Dentists. … Football coach and players. … Teachers. … Actors. … Divorce lawyers. … IT specialists.More items…•

How much do doctors make in Iran?

According to present study, monthly revenue of salaried and self-employed GPs in Iran was about $5471 and $8134 (PPP), respectively. Their wage was also $46 and $67 (PPP), respectively.

Who buys Iranian oil?

Receiving 30 percent of Iran’s petrochemical exports between them, China and India were the major trading partners in this industry. Iran’s domestic resource base gives it a unique comparative advantage in producing petrochemicals when international crude oil prices rise.