Question: Which Infinix Phone Is The Latest Now?

Which is the latest mobile now?

The eyes of most tech fanatics are curious about the latest mobiles and their new or unique features….Latest Mobile Phones (2020)Latest Mobile PhonesPricesSamsung Galaxy M31sRs.

20,499Xiaomi Redmi 9 PrimeRs.

9,999Xiaomi Redmi Note 9Rs.

14,787Xiaomi Poco M2 ProRs.

13,9996 more rows.

Which phone is the highest?

Best phone at a glance:Samsung Galaxy S20 / S20 Plus.iPhone 11.Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra.iPhone 11 Pro / Pro Max.OnePlus 8 Pro.iPhone SE 2020.Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra.Samsung Galaxy S10 / S10 Plus.More items…•

What phone should I buy 2020?

Best Android phones 2020: which Google-powered phone should you buy?Samsung Galaxy S20 and S20 Plus. These are the very best Android phones. … OnePlus 8 Pro. The most accomplished OnePlus ever, but also the priciest. … Oppo Find X2 Pro. … Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra. … Motorola Edge Plus. … Xiaomi Mi Note 10. … Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra.

What is the latest infinix phone in 2020?

Best Infinix Phones In Nigeria 2020Infinix S5 Pro. The Infinix S5 Pro is the most ‘recent’ Infinix device you can get. … Infinix S5. This device is the predecessor of Infinix S5 Pro. … Infinix Note 6. … Infinix Hot 8. … Infinix Smart 3. … Infinix Zero 6. … Infinix S4.

What is the newest phone in 2020?

Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G: Both the best you can get and far too much for most buyers. Motorola Moto G8 Power: Another budget battery beast, even if the G8 Plus is better. Realme X3 SuperZoom: Definitely the best camera you’ll find on a phone this affordable.

Which infinix phone has the best camera quality?

Infinix Selfie Camera Phones#1. Infinix Zero 6 Pro. The Infinix Zero 6 Pro is undoubtedly one of the best Infinix Selfie Camera Phones. … #2. Infinix Zero 6. … #3. Infinix Note 7. … #4. Infinix Note 7 Lite. … #5. Infinix S5 Pro. … #6. Infinix Hot 9 Pro. … #7. Infinix Note 6. … #8. Infinix Hot 9.More items…

What is the cheapest infinix phone?

Best and Latest Infinix Phones with PricesInfinix Note 5 Pro – 57,500 Naira.Infinix Hot 7 – 32,900 Naira.Infinix Smart 2 HD – 23,500 Naira.Infinix Zero 6 – 103,000 Naira.Infinix Smart 2 Pro – 38,000 Naira.Infinix Hot 6X – 42,500 Naira.Infinix Hot 6 – 33,900 Naira.Infinix Hot 6 Pro – 49,500 Naira.More items…•

What is the best infinix phone now?


What is the highest infinix phone now?

Infinix Hot S3.Infinix Zero 5 Pro.Infinix S5 Pro.Infinix Hot 8.Infinix Hot 7.Infinix Hot 7 Pro.Infinix S4.Infinix Smart 3 Plus.More items…

What is the best phone in 2020?

The 10 best smartphones of 2020: Samsung’s Note 20 tops the listSamsung Galaxy S20/S20 Plus/S20 Ultra. … LG V60 ThinQ 5G. $900 at LG.OnePlus 8/8 Pro. $999 at OnePlus.Samsung Galaxy Note 10/10 Plus. $669 at Back Market. … Apple iPhone 11 Pro/Pro Max. $1,099 at Apple See details.Google Pixel 4A. $315 at Walmart See details.Apple iPhone 11. $699 at Apple See details.Google Pixel 4 XL and Pixel 4.More items…•

What’s the best phone 2020?

The best smartphone of 2020: 15 top mobile phones tested and rankedSamsung Galaxy S20 / S20 Plus: the best smartphone.OnePlus 8 Pro.iPhone 11 Pro / 11 Pro Max.Oppo Find X2 Pro.Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra.iPhone 11.Motorola Edge Plus.Xiaomi Mi Note 10.More items…•

What is the latest infinix phone and price?

Infinix Smart 4 Plus. Rs. 7,999.Infinix Hot 9 Pro. Rs. 10,499.Infinix Hot 9. Rs. 9,499.Infinix S5 Pro. Rs. 11,499.Infinix S5 Lite. Rs. 8,499.Infinix S5. Rs. 9,599.Infinix Hot 8. Rs. 8,499.Infinix Hot 7. Rs. 8,999.More items…