Quick Answer: How Do I Top Up My Telkom Contract?

How do I upgrade my Telkom contract?


If you want to check your upgrade date, dial*180# from the Telkom mobile number you wish to upgrade, choose 7 (Manage Account) and select 1: Commitment Period End Date.

Yip, it’s that easy..

How long before your contract ends can you upgrade?

Can I upgrade before my contract ends?NetworkYou will be eligible to upgrade (to the same network)EE45 days before your contract end dateOrange (to EE)45 days before your contract end dateT-Mobile (to EE)45 days before your contract end dateVodafone75 days before your contract end date1 more row

How do I check my Telkom airtime balance?

Here are two easy ways to do a Telkom Mobile balance check to see your data, airtime and SMS balances:Prepaid and budget customers can dial *188# from their phones and smart devices and follow the on-screen instructions.You can download the free My Telkom app for Android or the My Telkom app for iPad and iPhones.

What does top up mean?

noun top-up an amount added to something in order to raise it to or maintain it at a desired level. (as modifier)a top-up loan; a top-up policy.

What is normal contract?

Normal Contract. … In the Normal Contract 80% of the counsellor’s job consists of giving Free Attention or Caring Loving Attention. This provides the space for the Client to work in and keep their Balance of Attention. The Client can expect suggestions, but the Counsellor is under no obligation to give them.

What is a top up contract?

Top Up means that the you cannot be billed onto your account for extra usage over and above your data bundle or airtime that is in the account. Once your data bundle is depleted, it will swtich over and deduct OOB rates from airtime that is in your account.

How do I check my Telkom contract?

The Telkom data check can be done through your phone using the USSD method. Simply use your phone with the Telkom line inserted in it. Dial *188# from your phone and call. It only takes a few minutes for the balance to appear.

How do I load airtime on my Telkom contract?

Dial the following USSD code *188# Download the Telkom Mobile App from the Google play Store or Itunes. Dial 188, press 1.

How do I top up Telkom airtime?

– Emergency Top will be available via USSD *180# and the Telkom Portal. How do I activate Emergency Top Up? – Dial *180#, select Emergency Top Up and then Opt-In for Emergency Top Up. You can then select the R10 set amount.

How can I find out when my phone contract ends?

You can check your contract status by asking your provider – over the phone or livechat – or by logging into your account online. You may also be able to find your contract end date via your provider’s app (if you have downloaded it), by checking a bill, or looking through correspondence with your provider.

How do you convert airtime to data on Telkom?

How to convert telkom airtime to data and Buy Internet Data Bundle online for Telkom Mobile ( 8ta)?Step1: Send this Message. *180#Step2: Press 1 from the list (bundle purchases)Step3: Press 1 from the list (data bundles)Step4: Press (1 to 7 ) from the list (select the amount)Step5: Press 1 to (Confirm).

How do I top up my Vodacom contract?

Express Recharge – Recharge airtime the easy way – with your bank card. Dial *135*02#, FREE from your Vodacom cellphone. Use your bank card to recharge with up to R1000 – anywhere, anytime!

What is the USSD code for Telkom?

Already have an account? Login below.USSD CodeWhat does it do*188#Check Mobile Balance and get all your balances SMS’d to you*123#Mo’Nice promotional bundles*180#Mobile Account Menu (buy bundles, transfer airtime/data, manage spend limit, get device settings, change tariff, BIS)*1#Check what your mobile number is3 more rows•Apr 24, 2017

How much is 1gig Telkom?

Telkom mobile prepaid data – old vs new pricesTelkom Mobile Prepaid Internet BundlesOld PricingNew Pricing100MBR30R29250MBR50R39500MBR95R691GBR180R998 more rows•Jun 22, 2015