What Is The Code To Borrow Airtel Airtime?

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How can I get extra credit on Airtel?

Airtel smart RECHARGE bundles gives you at least 10 times the value of your airtime when you recharge your line using the special recharge code – *220*PIN#. With smart RECHARGE you get great value for both calls and data in one single convenient recharge.

Can I transfer borrowed airtime on Airtel?

For Airtel airtime transfer, just follow the highlighted steps: Kindly navigate to your SMS menu on your phone. Create an SMS and write in this format: 2u [space] Airtel Number [space] Amount [space] PIN. For instance, if you want to transfer N100 to number 08081234567, you will write: 2u 08081234567 100 9087.

What is the code to borrow?

Borrow Online *321*200# for N200, *321*500# for N500. *321*1000# for N1000.

How do I recharge my Airtel Nigeria?

Visit an ATM.Select ‘Recharge’Select ‘Airtel’Key in your phone number.Selects the recharge denomination or key in your preferred denomination.

How can I borrow airtime without paying back?

How To Borrow Airtime Without Paying BackFirstly, your sim card must be eligible for Airtel extra credits. … Having known this, dial *500*0# to select the amount of airtime you want to borrow.If you are eligible for this offer, your line will be credited with the specific amount you requested for.

How do I get my Airtel Me2U pin?

To transfer airtime on Airtel Nigeria’s “Me2U”, create a 4-DIGIT-PIN.To change/create your airtime transfer PIN on Airtel.Send a text in the following format to 432: PIN 5555 to 432 E.g. to change password to 4321, the text sent will read — PIN 1234 432 .You will then receive an SMS confirmation from 432.More items…•

How can I recharge my Airtel with Nigeria serial number?

To load the Airtel recharge card, dial *126*the sixteen digit number# and then press the call or send key on your phone. For example, if the sixteen digit number at the back of the card is 1111 2222 3333 4444, then you dial *126*1111222233334444# and press call or send key.

How can I see my Airtel number on my phone?

Open the phone dialer app and dial this USSD code: *282# and click on the call button. On your mobile phone screen, you will see a flash message displayed containing your airtel number which says, “Hi, Your Mobile no. is: xxxxxxxxxx” Do not forget to note down your mobile number.

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How do I borrow airtime from Airtel 2020?

How To Apply for Airtel Airtime Loan ServicesAirtel Extra Credit Code: *500#Airtel Airtime Borrowing Code: *500#

How can I get free Airtel data in Nigeria?

To start enjoying your data offer bonus on Airtel RechargePlus, simply recharge your SIM and dial *479#, which will unlock the 250MB every week and 1GB a month. Airtel Nigeria is still yet to provide more information on this data offer.

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How do I get airtime on Airtel?

How to transfer credit on Airtel linesDial *432# on the phone you wish to send from.Select transfer airtime.Enter number of the person you’re transferring credit to.Enter your PIN;Confirm your transaction by replying with option one (1).